Who We Are

Our Mission


Our mission is to lead people into a deeper relationship with God, each other, and the world. 
We accomplish this through gatherings, groups, and generosity.


We Believe


1. We believe that Everyone is Welcome, Nobody is Perfect, and Anything is Possible.   

2. We believe that this world is broken due to our own sin.

3. That God created everyone in His image and the truth of His word is intended for human beings to flourish under it.

4. That God sent His son, Jesus, to live the life we could never live, to die the death we were supposed to die, so that we could live the life that we could never earn.

5. That there is nobody outside of God's Grace. He can redeem anyone anywhere, anytime through His son Jesus.

6. That He is still actively at work in this world. 


Our Values

 Click the links below to see the most recent sermon series on our Values here at Riverdale Church. 

1. Jesus is Our Message 

2. People are Our Heart

3. Growing Smaller; Developing Relational Growth

4. Generosity is Our Privilege

5. Servant Leadership