Marriage Ministry Premarital Counseling




We want your marriage to be successful and long lasting - 'till death do us part. That's God's plan for married couples and it's the plan we hold to as we teach you how to have an excellent marriage.

The time you invest in learning about marriage prior to the big day will pay great dividends for years to come. When you attend Pathways Premarital Counseling you can expect to receive teaching on which you can build a great foundation for your marriage. It's our marriage prayer for you that you will stay together forever with joy.


Save money on your marriage license.

You can SAVE ABOUT $75 off your Minnesota marriage license fee when you complete the coursework in Pathways Premarital Counseling. Couples who complete their premarital education in time to apply for their marriage license are eligible for this discount. See the pastor of marriage ministry for the form you will need to get your discount when you apply for your marriage license.


Pathways Premarital Counseling is being offered as a classroom course for premarital couples.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • knowing and understanding your spouse
  • marriage commitment and expectations
  • communication
  • conflict resolution
  • apologies and forgiveness
  • intimacy
  • financial management
  • affair proof your marriage

Having completed this course work, you will walk away with a plan for a successful marriage.


Pathways Premarital Counseling is offered twice each year. Please contact the Pastor Cindy to schedule your premarital counseling.

Days and Times

Typically Pathways Premarital Counseling is held on a Friday night from 6:30-9:30 and Saturday from 9 am - 5 pm with a one hour break for lunch on your own.


Couples who participate in Pathways Premarital Counseling will also be required to engage in 1-2 hours of individual premarital counseling with our Pastor of Marriage Ministry which is included in the cost of the premarital counseling. This will allow you, as a couple, some privacy to chat about more sensitive needs such as finances, intimacy, family make up etc. and also the opportunity to ask more personal questions. This will equip couples to be fully prepared to enter into the lasting covenant of marriage. 


The fee for The Pathways Premarital Counseling is $185 per couple - non-refundable. This fee will cover a weekend of premarital counseling classes, assessments, handoouts, and the form to receive your discount on your marriage license. You will walk away with the tools to have a great marriage.


To register for the Premarital Pathways Counseling click here

Please contact the Pastor of Marriage Ministry, Pastor Cindy, at or 763-421-8080 for more information.