Marriage Ministry Retreat


Marriage Ministry Weekend Retreat

The idea of a retreat is to relax and enjoy being married. So we won't make you work! This is a time to be refreshed as a couple and truly enjoy being with each other without the distractions of your day to day work or family demands. We will feed you physically and spiritually so that you leave refreshed, rested, energized and more connected than you already are.


There is no marriage retreat planned at this time, but we hope that God will provide the opportunity for it in the future.


This is our plan for a marriage retreat when it comes to fruition:


Friday night - You will be filled up with ideas for having closer marital connections with your spouse so you can truly enjoy and appreciate each other more than you already do.

Saturday - Throughout the day you will have opportunities for learning, having fun with other couples, or enjoying time relaxing and spending quiet time alone together as a couple. We have a very special surprise for you that we are sure you're going to love! Watch for details as they unfold.

Sunday morning - We will come together in the morning to worship God and then close out the retreat.


The marriage retreat is for married, or engaged couples. Engaged couples are welcome to come, but in keeping with godly values, they will be expected to have separate sleeping quarters from their spouse-to-be.


So that your children will have the wonderful care they deserve, you are welcome to plan for their care, on your own, for the entire weekend.


We have a few things up our sleeve for this special weekend retreat, but of course to make it great it takes time to plan. And that's where you come in. If you would like to help out with any aspect of the retreat, please let Pastor Cindy know.


If you would like more information, or if you have suggestions for a venue, topics you would like discussed, or anything else,  please contact Pastor Cindy at or at 763-421-8080.