Marriage Ministry Couple Testimonies

Henri and I (Pastor Cindy) have had the pleasure of walking alongside  many couples thorugh the years encouraging and helping them in their married life, family life, and work life. Sometimes it's just sharing our own personal experiences of how we accomplished something. Other times, we've pressed in with them to the Living God to find answers to the tough problems that only He can give.


Because of the sensitive nature of how very personal these testimonies are, the names have been changed to protect the identity of theses couples and their families.

God is doing amazing things in His people!


Dara and Chadrick's Story - Mentoring Testimony

When given the opportunity to share about our experience with the mentorship program through Pastor Cindy and Henri, we jumped at the change to do so.

My husband and I attended the Together Forever marriage classes and conference. We were also mentored by Pastor Cindy and Henri. I don't know where to begin on what an incredible impact the experience had on not only our marriage but our family and our spiritual lives. We began with our eyes being opened to our God-given differences, love languages and needs. As a wife, this class helped me grow individually. It helped me know myself and understand my own strengths and weaknesses. It helped me communicate my desires and needs to my husband in a way that he could hear me. It opened up communication between us and gave us a deepened understanding of ourselves and each other.

Pastor Cindy and Henri taught very nourishing content. Every class changed our lives! We grew together so much more than we ever thought we could. They taught us many practical tools and how to apply them. God used that teaching to help us make it through very difficult times.

We hit a place in our marriage that we never thought we would have to face. Infidelity. Many couples think that because you are happy and in love you won't fall victim to this. We thought our marriage was over. It was a very traumatizing, confusing and heart breaking time. We didn't have much hope for our marriage but Pastor Cindy and Henri were there for us to help us walk through the storm. They made themselves available to help us at a time of crisis. They prayed with us and walked us through a difficult journey with no shame or judgement. Rather, they put there arms around us and helped us at a very desperate time. They gave us the practical wisdom and truth we needed. The kept our story confidential and we never had to worry about them sharing our personal lives with others.

The biggest take away from our experience with Pastor Cindy and Henri and the Together Forever Marriage Ministry is how much God cares for our marriage. It is a holy covenant blessed by God and if you allow God to be at the center of your marriage you will experience His joy and peace and a closeness with your spouse that is unimaginable. Pastor Cindy and Henri were such an awesome example of this. The time invested in classes and mentoring is a sacrifice that will keep on giving for the rest of your life and for generations to come. Pastor Cindy and Henri live by example and they have a true heart for the Lord with Biblical wisdom to back it up. Your time with the Together Forever ministry is sure to change your life and your marriage!

Comments From Pastor Cindy and Henri:

We are proud of Dara and Chadrick. They worked very hard through the storms of their marriage. They didn't give up but joined together to have a stronger marriage and family. They pressed through when the battle raged and that's why they have victory.


Mandy and Wes' Story - Mentoring Testimony

We came to know Pastor Cindy and Henri Chastanet through the marriage life group (small group) at church. Our choice to join the group came after we both decided to work on our marriage rather than pursue separation or divorce. Prior to the group, we had seen 3 or 4 marriage counselors of which only one actually helped. None of the counselors gave us a ‘how to’ guide for doing marriage which is what we needed to start the rebuilding process.

The first night at the life group, the Chastanet’s talked about how to do marriage. We learned about our temperaments and how they cause us to act and react in various situations. Much of the conflict we had was due to our lack of understanding regarding temperament. Your spouse is wired with their temperament and acts accordingly; they don’t act that way because they hate you. We also learned of love languages and how to show love to our spouse in a way they can understand and accept it. These things and many more were important to our falling in love again and rebuilding the relationship that God has given us.

Along with the life group, we asked Pastor Cindy and Henri if they would mentor us. The mentoring times were often and sometimes long, but we came away with new understanding. Much of what we learned has become a part of our daily lives which helps us handle the troubles that this life has in store for us. It’s important to internalize the truth so our minds can develop correct beliefs which in turn can guide us in our response to life’s troubles. Old, incorrect beliefs need to be discovered and dealt with. These things take time to learn and develop and we’re thankful that the Chastanet’s gave of their time so generously.

If anyone would ask us what we thought of the Chastanet’s marriage mentoring, we would tell them to jump at the chance to be mentored by them. They are quality people that have a tremendous heart for marriage. They will keep everything you share with them in strictest confidence. They have the time for you when you meet and you never feel rushed. Their insights are always keen and they never force anything on you.

Prayer is a must in any marriage and Pastor Cindy and Henri will definitely pray with you and for you. We look back on our time with them with great gratitude and give thanks to our Lord that He has gifted us with their ministry.

Comments From Pastor Cindy and Henri:

Mandy and Wes walked through a long-term mentoring process and we are so thankful to have been a part of their rediscovering the love they had for one another. We are very proud of their dilligence in completing their homework assignments, and not ever giving up on each other no matter how difficult things may have seemed. They are living proof that God can bring a renewed love for one another in spite of negative things that can happen in a marriage.


Robyn & Randall  - Marriage Small Group Testimony

We attended a marriage small group that was led by Pastor Cindy and Henri. My husband initially did not want to go because he thought I was bringing him to counseling. Once we started to attend he couldn’t wait to go back!

We cannot begin to tell you how much we learned about each other even though we had been together for years! Some of our largest conflicts revolved around not understanding each other’s love language and apology languages. Pastor Cindy and Henri walked us through step by step on what each of these mean. We are still exercising these daily in our marriage and we continue to fall in love more and more every day.

Thank you Pastor Cindy and Henri. The passion and love you have to see people succeed in marriage and life is very evident. We are thankful for the time you gave to us and for showing us how God intends for us to love each other.