Marriage Mentoring

Marriage Mentoring With the Pastor of Marriage Ministry


Couple to Couple

Sometimes in marriage we can find ourselves in a place where we need to
get some help. We believe that God wants your marriage to be strong and
happy and He wants your marriage and family to stay together forever and so
do we!
We find that couples who get the help they need in their marriage and work
on the parts they are struggling with will experience greater joy. Their
marriage becomes easier and healthier.
We help couples discover the roots to their problems rather than just deal
with the symptoms that the problems create. You have probably invested
quite a bit into your marriage (your heart, time, and money, to name a few)
and your marriage deserves the time and effort needed to make it grow.
Couple to Couple marriage mentoring can help you have the wonderful
marriage you always wanted and dreamed of. We believe that all things are
possible with Christ and when He is at the center of our marriage, it grows
and thrives.
 Help you understand your root problems and how they differ from the
symptoms you may be experiencing.
 Help you find solutions to those problems.
 Help you put an effective plan into action.
 Provide accountability.

We have counseled many couples who are now walking in freedom. They
have learned, grown, and worked hard. They have risen to the challenge and
are now are experiencing a more loving, respectful, and connected
relationship with each other.

We believe it’s better to focus on winning rather than just trying not to lose.

Getting Started

To inquire about or schedule a marriage mentoring appointment, please
contact Pastor Cindy.
Each mentoring session is approximately 1 hour long. Most couples
experience hope after just one or two sessions.
Pastor Cindy at or 763-421-8080.