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Have you ever heard the saying that if you help someone fish, you feed them for a day but if you teach someone to fish, you feed them for a lifetime?

We can relate this to mentoring. We begin by helping you learn to understand yourself and your spouse. We teach you how to both recognize and solve your problems. The process and goal of mentoring you is for you to be able to solve your own problems for a lifetime. But you don't have to have a problem in order to receive mentoring. Mentoring is simply when someone who is wiser or more experienced shares what they learned with you so that you can use that information to make wise decisions.

We use The Bible as our guide of godly principles and applications for marraige mentoring.

Some people get confused about the difference between mentoring and counseling.

Mentoring - As mentors we:

  • teach and give you knowledge from sharing our personal experiences
  • listen to you and help you come up with your own solutions to your problems
  • give you tools to help you be able to solve your own problems in the future

Mentoring can be for couples who are at a tough place, a good place, or anything in between.


We believe that when we counsel we take mentoring to the next level.

When we counsel, we come along side you to help and support you by teaching, training, guiding and correcting you as you walk through difficult times. You may not want to hear the word correcting, but sometimes in life we can get off course in our thoughts, actions, and words and we may not even realize it. We should challenge whatever is happening in our lives if it does not line up with God's word.

2 Tim 3:16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness.

As your counselors we will:

  • listen to you to discover your current primary problem and then solve it
  • help you solve your ongoing problems by giving you solutions to apply to your immeidate  and ongoing life stiuations
  • help you understand your root problems and how they differer from the symptoms you may be experieincing
  • give you a homework plan to put into action
  • hold you accountable to that plan for the benefit of your success
Couple to Couple Mentoring and Counseling

Our style of mentoring and counseling is couple to couple. It's not therapist to couple, but couple to couple. This is important because it brings a blanced representation for the unique perspectives that the husband and wife have as they are being mentored. This has really helped other couples in the past and we are sure it will help you too!

Getting Started

If you would like to receive marriage mentoring or counseling, please contact Pastor Cindy at or at 763-421-8080 to set up an appointment.

  • Each mentoring or counseling session is approximately 1 hour long.
  • Most couples experience great hope after just one or two sessions.
Are you willing to commit yourself?

We often spend 13 years attending school just so we can graduate high school. Often, we go on to college or even grad school. We spend so much time learning about our careers. But if today were the last day you had to live, what would you say would be the most important thing on earth to you besides God? Without exception, every couple we have asked have said that their family is the most important thing.

If that is true, then we need to align our behavior with what we actually believe and value.

Time Commitment

What kind of time are you willing to invest in order to have a great marriage? Marriage often takes hard work, and we need to put forward the effort it takes to learn how to have a great one. Having a good or great marriage doesn't usually come easy for anyone. It takes committment and consistent determination.

We want to encourage you today to begin to make a committment to have a great marriage with your spouse.

Set aside the time and money it takes. Everything that has a great worth costs something in terms of our time and money. Make it count for your marriage.


The church accepts a donation for each mentoring session. Please contact Pastor Cindy for more information at